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Calming Adoption Nerves
Deciding on adoption is a large step for anyone, but for many families dealing with the wait is the hardest part. 

How Adoption Fits In the Economic Crisis
Adoption can allow you the chance to give of yourself to another person...a child. The happiness that adoption makes possible will far exceed the years of financial returns that have been the hallmark of your life. In fact, money can't buy that type of happiness. That real, long term happiness can only be acquired through love, hope, and care...which is exactly what you could give and receive from your newly adopted child.

Funding Your Adoption
With a little foresight and planning and the many adoption funding options available today, the average family has a chance to bring the light of love into their home with the adoption of a child. Families are able to adopt for much less than they might have thought. There are so many children out there that need the warm and secure home you have to offer; why not take advantage of every funding alternative available to you?

Interviewing an Adoption Professional
With planning, patience and the determination to follow through on your information, you should feel confident in the adoption professional you finally decide on.

Hurry Up and Wait...
Encouragement and ideas for families currently playing
"The Adoption Waiting Game"

Five Keys to a Successful Adoption
Mardie Caldwell has helped thousands of couples build their families through adoption since 1986.  She has dedicated her life and career to helping both birthmothers and adoptive families find each other, providing a safe and hopeful future for children.  She is also committed to adoption education through her internet talk show, Lets Talk Adoption and her new book,

Babies Abandoned and Left to Die - How Can You Help Stop this Tragedy?
Alternatives are available for mothers who find themselves pregnant and unable to care for a child. If you know someone who is pregnant and may need help, there are ways that you can help.

Remember Where Adoption Begins!
The landmark day you became parents- it's pretty clear that the day of your adoption is not like any other day. It's the day you became a mother, your husband became a father, and your parents became grandparents. Your life is forever changed and no other event will ever compare to all you have gone through to get to this day.

From Infertility to Adoption: Knowing When to Move Forward
When is the right time to move from infertility to adoption?   When do you feel emotionally ready?  When you feel ready, you can move forward with other ways of creating your forever family!  Mardie Caldwell, through her personal experience and over 20 years of working with couples nationwide, has made it her life's work to bless children needing forever adoptive parents.

5 Keys to a Successful Adoption for Military Families
There are five key things for military families to know in order to have a successful adoption. By following these five keys, military families will be able to overcome some of the specific obstacles that face them during the adoption process.

Adoption Loss: How Can I Reduce the Risk of a Reclaim?
Adoption can be a tremendously emotional road to travel down.  Knowing what to do in every situation is key to a successful adoption.  There are many elements to listen for when you are matched with a birth mom and feel this is the right situation for you.  Adoption professionals are trained to listen and understand birth parents language and reactions.  It is important to work with trained professionals who can alleviate much of the uncertainty.

Avoid These 5 Adoption Blunders!
In over 21 years of working in the field of adoption, I have seen and heard of every kind of blunder you could imagine in adoption. Some were made out of ignorance and others out of stubbornness, flat out stupidity or just procrastination.

Tips on Getting Your House Ready for the Home Study
When you adopt a child, a home study is required. The purpose of the home study is to evaluate the environment the child will be living in. This is all part of the adoption process. Of course you will want to make as good of an impression as possible so that when the adoption professional visits, your home study will go through smoothly.

Think Healthy When Trying to Adopt
Good nutritious food and a healthy diet can keep you going during the ups and downs of adoption. The process of adoption can be stressful and you need to be in top shape to perform and respond well. Often women who have experienced infertility have hormonal problems (I speak from experience here) and if we don't eat properly we can get cranky to say the least.

Keeping Your Credit Safe While You Adopt
Security is on everyone's minds these days, and with good reason.  If you're careful and take a few steps to prevent problems in advance, you shouldn't have anything to worry about in your adoption journey.  Here is a little-known fact that might help you.

Adoption, 21st Century Style - The Art of Finding and Bringing Home the Child Who’s Right for You!
An authoritative new book explains how adoption has changed in the Internet Age-and how playing by the new rules can help you finally complete your family.

Seventeen Tips to Help Your Succeed at Adoption
Excerpts from
Adopting Online Your #1 Guide to a Successful Adoption

The Internet Offers Adoption Resources for African Americans Hoping to Adopt
With infertility struggles on the rise, more hopeful parents are turning to the internet for help in building their families through adoption. African American couples and women who are facing infertility are logging on to their computer to find resources to help them adopt.

Genealogy and Our Adopted Children
What can we offer our adopted children about their heritage? Why is it important to have this to share with them? Where do we start to get this information for them? Is it OK to let them know they have similarities with our families, is this true or wishful thinking? What does the future hold for them - and their ancestors?

Fear Not: Adopt Without Fearing Your Decision
Adopt without fear of your failure, but with confidence in knowing that God has led you to this decision. "Fear not for I am with you," says the Lord. In all you do and in all you face here on earth as Christians, the Lord is with you. God blesses those that give of their heart. What better way to bless a child than to offer them your love through adoption.

A Mother's Love Lasts Forever
For most mothers, the love they feel for their children is a strong and powerful bond that will continue throughout their lives. The love a mother feels for her child is the same whether the child was grown in their own body or in their heart, as when a mother adopts a child.

7 Tips for Comforting a Crying Baby
You have just taken your baby home from the hospital and it is one of the happiest days of your life. Well, not if you are having a difficult time comforting your crying baby. Many parents get overly concerned that there is something wrong with their baby because she is crying.

The Adoption Process Is a True Walk of Faith
Adoption is a step of faith.  In our journey from childhood to adolescence to adulthood we encounter difficulties that reshape us every day.  As we face each obstacle, we begin to truly understand God's love for us.  Most people considering becoming adoptive parents face challenges during the adoption process that can only be overcome through a strong belief in their faith in God.

Tragedy and Kids - Talking to Kids About Difficult Topics
In the recent months and years we have been faced with extreme issues of tragedy: the attacks of 9/11, the tsunami in Asia, and the extreme floods in New Orleans. It is hard enough for us as adults to understand these tragedies; for children they can be extremely overwhelming. But children do not just look at large disasters like these as tragedies; sometimes, simple things in their lives are tragic to them, even if we as adults don't view them that way.

Step-by-Step Advice on How to Build a Successful Adoption Plan
Whatever adoption you decide to pursue, be sure that you have done your homework.  You will find you have fewer surprises when you know what to expect.  The risks in some adoptions, time frames, and the cost vary in each adoption.  With planning, you will be on your way to a smoother adoption and hopefully an enjoyable journey.

Latte or Baby: Which Is More Important to You?
Saving money can be easy.  Evaluate your daily routine and look for ways of cutting back on the little pleasures we enjoy.

5 Tips for Staying Motivated While You Wait To Adopt
The process of adopting can be tedious and long. It is often difficult to keep yourself and your spouse motivated during this long ordeal. Here are some helpful tips for staying motivated during your adoption experience.

7 Valuable Tips to Your Adoption Success
Because life today requires we work smarter, do things faster and know more, we want information processed in a shorter time frame. It is easy to be caught up in the whirlwind of technology, and become overwhelmed. That is why having a road map, a simple guide is important.

9 Tips for Keeping a Positive Outlook
If you do not already have a fabulous outlook on life, try these little tricks to start to change...for the better

Adoption Stories

Aiden's Birth Story
As told by Aiden's birth grandmother, Shawn

Aiden's Birth Story
As told by his adoptive parents, Alan and Gina

Resources for Women Considering Adoption

My Story: I Wasn't Positive I Was Actually Pregnant
Mychelle took a pregnancy test, and the line was so light she wasn't sure if it was there.

I Could Never Give My Baby Away

I Only Did It One Time and I'm Pregnant!

My Boyfriend Wants Me to Have An Abortion and I Don't Want To

There I understood that my boyfriend didn't want to be a father and I didn't really want to be a mother yet. But, we were in this situation together!

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant...Now What?

Breaking the News to Your Parents: Help for Pregnant Teens
There are times when your parents may not be the easiest people in the world to talk with, and it is even worse if the subject of the conversation is something that you know will be upsetting. The important thing to remember is that if you are a pregnant teen, your parents are the people who are in the best position to help you handle your problem and make responsible decisions.

Why I Chose a Single Sista to Adopt My Baby
Read Shamaka's open adoption story and how she came to choose a single mother over a married couple for her unborn child.

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice...Is There Another Option?
For far too long, we have been made to feel that there are only two options for women when they become pregnant...that they can only have one of two views. Either your perspective is Pro-life or Pro-choice...that's it. Pick a side and stick with it. But, that couldn't be farther from the truth. There is another option for women. How about adoption?

Teen Pregnancy - What Are My Options?
With any pregnancy, there are three options: Parenting, Abortion, and Adoption. It is important to have all the facts about all of your options before you make a life-changing decision. Yes, this will be a decision that will change your life no matter which option you choose.

The Reality of the "Date Rape Drug" - Educating Yourself and Your Friends!
Each month more than ten women of all ages and backgrounds contact our Adoption Center with the same experience.  They have been victims of a date rape drug, and are now pregnant!  Most of the time, they are unaware of who got them pregnant.  Just after Spring break, is a time when we see a peak in pregnancy. For many of these women a date rape drug was involved. 

Can I Get Pregnant Without Having Sex?
If you are going to be sexually intimate with your partner in any way, you are exposing yourself to these possibilities.  There are many women who say they did not have full intercourse and now they are pregnant; as well as women who contract sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, vaginal warts, HIV and AIDS.

What to do with an Unplanned Pregnancy While Enlisted
Being in the military can be exciting and adventurous.  But an unplanned pregnancy may not work well into your current life style.  In fact, pregnancy and the military is often a very tricky pair of circumstances.

Eating Healthy While You Are Pregnant: Planning for Your Adoption and Beyond!
Eating right during your pregnancy is important, not only for the health of your unborn baby, but for your own health as well. If you are making plans for adoption, doing all you can to ensure your baby's health is essential. To give your baby the best start in life, you should begin eating right as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

Prison and Parent-Child Relationships: Options for You
When a parent goes to prison, it can affect a child forever.  In many situations, children are left home in a stressful environment or sent to foster homes.  What can a family do if a parent is sent to prison?  It is a difficult thing to have your family split apart in any situation, but the challenges of prison and family life are very unique.  What do you do if you are the only parent and you are about to be sentenced?

My Period Is Late, Am I Pregnant?
Every woman will to have different bodily signs to show if she is pregnant.  The most common pregnancy sign is a delayed or missed menstrual cycle.  It is important to understand pregnancy symptoms because the symptom may be related to something other than pregnancy.

Help, I Am Too Young To Be a Grandma!
The best way to help her is by guiding her to information and letting her make informed decisions. Then once she has made a decision, do your best to support her. It may be hard, especially if you don't agree with the decision she has made.

In College & Pregnant - 3 A.M. Feedings and 8 A.M. Exams
Statistics show that many young women who become pregnant while attending college and choose to parent their child; will quit school and often never return...

Alleviating Morning Sickness
Morning sickness can range from making you a little queasy to very sick and unable to get out of bed. The good thing is it usually only lasts through your first trimester of pregnancy and should start disappearing after the twelfth or thirteenth week.

Can My Mom Raise My Baby?
If you are a pregnant teen and find yourself asking this question, Kelly's story may help you.

A Blessing to Share
A heart-warming note from an adoptive mother to birthmothers everywhere.

Helping a Friend With Adoption
Advice on how to support a pregnant friend who has chosen adoption.


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